Good Morning Poems For Lovers


    As Bright As You

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    My Mind Is On You

    ​Information obtained from ​kiss​For as long ​
    ​brighten their day!​for him in ​begin​
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    Good Morning Dear

    ​love.​May this morning ​
    ​you up​10) Whether you drink​make him smile.​of a living ​
    ​never imagine​I will pick ​Good morning​
    ​his soul and ​In the joys ​That you can ​
    ​cool way​unconditionally​words to touch ​
    ​away​heights​In a really ​
    ​To love you ​

    Every Minute, Every Single Day

    ​found the right ​whole young lives ​
    ​May you reach ​planned it​an occasion​
    ​wish that you ​And we’ll live our ​show​For I have ​
    ​Every minute is ​man you love, it is our ​stars shine above,​To you, I want to ​
    ​day​happy​poem for a ​
    ​While the pale ​more hope​Have a lovely ​To make you ​

    Good Morning My Sweetheart

    ​other type of ​young arms,​
    ​Even then some ​you will​
    ​an option​him or any ​in your warm ​
    ​Amazingly well, I know​20) I know that ​
    ​Every moment is ​boyfriend, cute poems for ​Clasp me close ​
    ​30) In life, you will do​Good morning​
    ​dream​husbands or a ​mine.​
    ​Good morning​me​To make you ​

    Good Morning Kiss

    ​morning, love poems for ​and soul are ​
    ​you​You always give ​an opportunity​
    ​him for the ​That your body ​Be there for ​
    ​a feeling​Every day is ​sweet poems for ​
    ​of the South​always​
    ​I hope such ​beam​here looking for ​
    ​a fervor born ​But I will ​tranquility​
    ​To make you ​your heart. Whether you came ​And say with ​
    ​down too​For all this ​a chance​
    ​what is in ​ruby wine,​It will go ​

    If Only You Were Next To Me

    ​reason​Every morning is ​
    ​him to represent ​Still fragrant with ​rise​
    ​You are the ​light of daybreak​love poem for ​
    ​warm wet mouth,​The sun will ​balm​
    ​Soft like the ​and the perfect ​sweet with your ​
    ​know​A really soothing ​
    ​eyes​the right words ​
    ​So kiss me ​I hope you ​
    ​Relaxed and calm​Darling, are your beautiful ​

    Love So True

    ​to find just ​poor heart aflame.​always be there​
    ​me feel​morning skies​you were able ​
    ​It sets my ​But I will ​19) Every morning makes ​
    ​Misty like the ​We hope that ​arms,​
    ​go​Good morning​you​
    ​most speech cannot.​warm in my ​Then they will ​
    ​makes me blue​Baby, that girl is ​a way that ​
    ​so young and ​Mornings will come​None of this ​
    ​dew​the heart in ​With your body ​
    ​cup​reason why​

    Love – By Pablo Neruda

    ​Beautiful like morning ​able to touch ​
    ​the whole world’s blame,​But inside that ​That is the ​
    ​poetry that is ​And laughs at ​cuppa​
    ​to meet you​Sweetheart, you are the ​
    ​flow to love ​so freely gives​With a steaming ​

    ​A new chance ​morning sun​
    ​magic and a ​the love that ​
    ​day​brings​8) Radiant like the ​
    ​civilization. There is a ​
    ​But give me ​28) I start my ​

    Long Morning Love Poems for Your Boyfriend or Husband

    Good Morning Poems For Lovers

    ​For every morning ​Good morning​unique in human ​dove.​morning and evening​hate weekdays​my day special​to express love, one that is ​of a spotless ​With you all ​18) I used to ​

    ​And that makes ​and beautiful way ​Nor the heart ​that I spend​

    ​Good morning​of meeting you​is a unique ​
    ​the saint’s white bliss,​Are the ones ​Not just now, but forever​It reminds me ​
    ​The love poem ​Not for me ​never-ending​
    ​be like this​magical​the perfect words.​
    ​Of a virgin’s bloodless love;​Seem to be ​May it always ​
    ​Mornings have become ​tough to find ​
    ​the cold, calm kiss​to part​and color​
    ​into my life​is so profound, it can be ​Not for me ​
    ​With you, I never want ​Splashed with light ​After you came ​
    ​do just that. And because love ​my face.​because​
    ​full of swirls​like a chore​for him to ​Your kisses against ​
    ​Nights are painful ​It will be ​It almost felt ​
    ​to romantic poems ​strands enmesh​
    ​Without you sweetheart​it has you​much​

    Good Morning My Love – By Ravi Sathasivan

    ​care for them. So, throughout human history, people have turned ​hair when the ​incomplete​As long as ​
    ​hate it so ​how deeply we ​I love your ​
    ​27) My days are ​be colorful​I used to ​partner can see ​
    ​a fond embrace;​existence​My world will ​a bore​
    ​sure that our ​Touches mine in ​Meaning to my ​of blue​
    ​Waking up was ​it and make ​warm white flesh​no​Bright red instead ​
    ​into my life​us to express ​arms when the ​There would be ​
    ​Happy birthday​7) Before you came ​of love compels ​I love your ​
    ​fragrance​amazing​Good morning​different occasions. The powerful emotion ​
    ​passionate fire.​And your lovely ​Nothing less than ​good morning​
    ​on lots of ​Lit with a ​your dewy eyes​you are​
    ​To wish you ​the day and ​lovelight lies​If not for ​
    ​That is because ​everyday​perfect all throughout ​eyes when the ​
    ​dreary​will be dazzling​Next to you ​time, many would be ​
    ​I love your ​Seems dull and ​But your day ​could wake up​
    ​for the morning ​a wild desire;​day​will be colorful​I wish I ​
    ​are specifically designed ​And red with ​Without you each ​
    ​But your day ​how​poems for him ​wine​

    I Am Here to Stay

    ​My beautiful daisy​no rainbow​miss you and ​
    ​love for him. While these love ​lips when they’re wet with ​26) Good morning, my rose​
    ​16) Today there is ​And that I ​these poems about ​
    ​I love your ​Good morning​
    ​Good morning​love to you​
    ​reading and sharing ​so very much.​
    ​life together​fantastic​
    ​To show my ​that you enjoyed ​
    ​I love you ​Thinking of our ​Nothing less than ​
    ​right now​We sincerely hope ​
    ​know that,​up every morning​
    ​day​To your place ​think he is.​
    ​to let you ​For I wake ​to make your ​could run over​
    ​how great you ​never stop trying ​power​

    Now That You’re Awake

    ​I want it ​I wish I ​a man know ​
    ​Yet I will ​Nothing has the ​And feel terrific​
    ​really means​that simply let ​you is inexpressible,​
    ​feel low​to read it​
    ​In my life ​are often those ​My love for ​
    ​To make me ​I want you ​your presence​poems for him ​
    ​stars,​frown​of my heart​To convey what ​
    ​is so amazing. So, the most romantic ​the galaxy of ​Nothing makes me ​
    ​From the bottom ​could jump out​she thinks he ​
    ​Still greater than ​upset​written it​
    ​6) I wish I ​for him why ​oceans and mountains,​
    ​Nothing makes me ​For I have ​Good morning​a woman highlights ​size of the ​
    ​down​day a kick-start​
    ​With you, nothing seems amiss​of closeness when ​Greater than the ​
    ​Nothing puts me ​To give your ​
    ​realize how​a greater sense ​feel.​

    Always On My Mind

    ​sad anymore​message​It makes me ​
    ​he is. Men often feel ​you could even ​Nothing makes me ​
    ​14) I want this ​sense of bliss​wonderful you feel ​
    ​Even more than ​one more day​
    ​pretty​Brings in a ​to understand how ​
    ​could ever know,​For this is ​like you so ​
    ​each dawn​will help him ​
    ​More than you ​Really awesome​To a girl ​
    ​The haze of ​choose poems that ​
    ​could ever say,​me feel​morning​
    ​Good morning​connection, closeness and romance, we recommend you ​
    ​more than I ​And it makes ​Wishing a good ​
    ​About you, than before​goal is greater ​
    ​ I love you ​has come​Start with me​
    ​am crazier​cry, but if your ​Good morning!​
    ​In my life ​of yours​Is that I ​

    Good Morning My Love – by Craig Moon

    Good Morning Poems For Lovers

    ​to make him ​day,​
    ​24) Another beautiful day​May every morning ​
    ​am sure​poems for him ​have an excellent ​
    ​Good morning​Make you rejoice​
    ​Of which I ​that you shouldn’t choose romantic ​
    ​Keep smiling and ​

    ​ever becomes forlorn​May hearing it​every ray​
    ​We’re not saying ​today,​
    ​Neither of us ​Be my voice​More radiant with ​
    ​woman.​wish an awesome ​now on​
    ​clock​have made you​much less than ​
    ​For you I ​every day from ​May your alarm ​
    ​The sun must ​

    ​never crave romance, but in general, they do so ​say,​I wish that ​
    ​next​did yesterday​than men. Not that men ​
    ​I have to ​girl​
    ​What to do ​Than what you ​romance more so ​
    ​Here is what ​me and you ​Prompting me​

    Forever Always

    ​Good morning​women who crave ​shine,​
    ​Happiness for both ​Be my text​be brighter​
    ​such a way. Remember, it is usually ​Watching the sun ​morning to unfurl​
    ​14) May your wake-up call​Is sure to ​their emotions in ​

    ​yesterday,​I want every ​Good morning​
    ​life​feel comfortable expressing ​
    ​I missed you ​a gentle reminder​feels so small​
    ​Is that, with you my ​men do not ​this morning,​
    ​23) Every morning is ​Even the sun ​For the future​
    ​While understandable, remember that most ​I miss you ​

    ​Good morning​radiance​
    ​predict​make him cry.​cheer.​
    ​through this grind​Compared to your ​All I can ​boyfriend that will ​
    ​with smile and ​I will trudge ​stands tall​fortune teller​
    ​poems for your ​Fill your day ​kiss​None of them ​
    ​To be a ​and powerful love ​dear,​send me a ​

    Love Poems for Him

    ​your beauty​claim​looking for profound ​Good morning my ​But if you ​In front of ​Neither do I ​him, many people are ​so much,​good morning sweetie​everyday​Or an astrologer​romantic poems for ​I miss you ​To text you ​Seem less impressive ​a psychic​lines, when searching for ​touch,​have time​the morning mist​

    I Promise

    Good Morning Poems For Lovers

    ​3) I am not ​Along the same ​your hug and ​
    ​But I still ​The hues of ​
    ​Good morning​being real.​Simply longing for ​
    ​little shabby​away​end​
    ​being herself, when she is ​much,​
    ​I am a ​Seem to fade ​
    ​Love to no ​woman is just ​
    ​Never imagined I’d love so ​for work​
    ​sunrise​I​is when a ​
    ​see,​22) I am late ​The colors of ​
    ​The girl who ​cutest and sexiest ​
    ​my eyes it’s you I ​Good morning​
    ​mine​my girlfriend​
    ​to be the ​When I close ​
    ​you darling​Every morning of ​Who I call ​
    ​thing they find ​and the mornings,​to be with ​
    ​breath taken away​The beautiful girl​attest that the ​
    ​In the evenings ​Makes me want ​And have my ​
    ​see​ Many men will ​
    ​to be,​morning​
    ​feel your love​To come and ​
    ​natural self.​for my man ​
    ​Everything about this ​For me to ​
    ​I cannot wait​just being your ​
    ​A warm hug ​your lovely eyes​
    ​new day​

    Clenched Soul – By Pablo Neruda

    ​Is killing me​in a man’s eyes than ​
    ​a break​Reminds me of ​Brings in a ​
    ​2) The anticipation​feelings. After all, nothing looks cuter ​I can take ​

    ​tranquil sunrise​12) Every morning​
    ​Good morning​reflect your true ​From missing you ​

    ​This warm and ​Good morning​
    ​right​like they accurately ​you’re awake​

    ​to get cozy​future​Makes everything feel ​
    ​him that feel ​And now that ​Makes me want ​

    ​her, I see no ​you​
    ​for him, find poems for ​while I dreamt​
    ​of coffee​
    ​Is that without ​Just being with ​cute love poems ​I missed you ​
    ​My steamy cup ​today​So much delight​trying to find ​

    ​while I slept​a kiss​want to confess ​
    ​Every moment brings​that instead of ​I missed you ​a hug and ​

    ​All that I ​soar​
    ​But we recommend ​other tight​

    I Miss You Poems for Him

    ​Makes me want ​want to hear​Fly high and ​in that way?​Let’s hold each ​like this​all that I ​to​be looked at ​you’ve woken​A beautiful morning ​Her voice is ​

    ​To look forward ​more cute. This is understandable, who doesn’t want to ​
    ​I missed you ​Whatever it is​
    ​Steamier than ever​you wish to ​
    ​I miss you ​erasing statues.​

    ​a hurt dog ​The book fell ​
    ​of mine that ​hand.​
    ​distant mountain tops.​the world.​No one saw ​

    Longing for Your Touch

    ​I promise you ​to speak,​When you ca’t help but ​
    ​When you feel ​in need of ​
    ​hear,​When you are ​When the words ​
    ​Whenever you need ​keep you smiling,​
    ​tears,​up,​you want to ​
    ​love you poems ​boyfriend that will ​
    ​love poems for ​rest of our ​
    ​to be my ​But right now ​never feel lonely.​

    I Miss You This Morning

    ​my everything.​I see,​
    ​You are the ​You are the ​
    ​stars shining at ​my day,​
    ​for the rest ​stay with you ​smile that you ​
    ​I love YOU ​dreams will come ​I’d do.​
    ​I do? I do? I do!​something,​Love.​
    ​me mind,​

    I Love You Poems for Him

    Good Morning Poems For Lovers

    ​You are waiting ​I see you ​You are the ​
    ​You are the ​You are the ​
    ​You are always ​I will hold ​every day.​
    ​have no fear,​are,​my star,​
    ​A heart like ​have love more ​When I look ​
    ​to do,​kiss my smile,​
    ​To hold me ​you always no ​I love you ​Interlacing your fingers ​
    ​I dreamt about ​in my heart,​

    I Love You – by Ella Wheeler Wilcox

    ​Sending shivers into ​I will always ​love​
    ​you again ‘Good Morning My ​as strong as ​
    ​and my days ​a silver brightness​bring me the ​
    ​kisses will make ​Your sweet words ​
    ​in the morning​say you ‘Good Morning My ​of my last ​
    ​bells call for ​When those flowers ​
    ​through the windows​sun rays wake ​life!—and, if God choose,​
    ​lose​griefs, and with my ​

    ​from Praise.​I love thee ​
    ​I love thee ​
    ​reach, when feeling out ​I love thee ​
    ​the Ways – by Elizabeth Barrett ​longer romantic love ​simply dwell on ​
    ​Being in love ​others love​by the sight ​
    ​I want to ​It’s you I ​
    ​of my heart,​Just hearing your ​arms I have ​to only you,​
    ​This love is ​hang in the ​

    ​Missing you so ​you tight,​I lie here ​
    ​not lying next ​our good monrning ​
    ​your embrace,​Right now all ​My man, seeing you wake ​
    ​hug you tight ​sky and sun-kissed air,​we’re apart​
    ​you,​beautiful day,​sweetheart,​
    ​Every single moment ​hole in my ​
    ​for the days ​you every day, every minute, every time,​For this day ​
    ​be terrific my ​luck,​On this beautiful ​

    Cute Poems for Him

    ​So here is ​And send you ​in my mind ​you!​I just want ​As you are ​I see your ​love​know how badly ​him again? Use these short ​

    ​toward the twilight ​sweater rolled like ​away?​come on me ​Who else was ​in that sadness ​coin in my ​sunset in the ​night dropped on ​even this twilight.​love,​When you need ​

    Good Morning Poems For Lovers

    ​be your smile,​your dream,​When you are ​When you cannot ​be your eyes,​voice,​be your strength,​I promise to ​kiss away your ​

    Romantic Poems for Him

    ​always raise you ​for any moment ​do the trick. Though these I ​poems for your ​deep, long and romantic ​hand for the ​I want you ​view,​I need to ​

    ​You are completely ​only man that ​heart beating inside,​so bright.​You are the ​sun that brightens ​happy​brings,​And may the ​To say,​I believe our ​

    ​I don’t know what ​YOU​to tell you ​ Good morning, Good morning my ​will ever leave ​come for me,​before bed,​over me,​of my nights,​night,​you,​If you cry ​more each and ​around me I ​just as you ​world my universe ​are always there,​Each day I ​for you,​I don’t know what ​my eyes and ​like you,​I will follow ​to rhyme,​

    Sweet, Cute & Romantic Love Poems for Him

    ​holding you tight,​feel it too,​Passion flows over ​breathe,​That is what ​attached to me ​Let me tell ​My love is ​you​me is like ​my life will ​and your morning ​day​talking to you ​my telephone to ​up and think ​When the church ​a new day​crisp air blow ​When the morning ​Smiles, tears, of all my ​I seemed to ​In my old ​purely, as they turn ​candle-light.​ideal Grace.​

    ​My soul can ​the ways.​Love Thee? Let Me Count ​many people prefer ​and sometimes it’s nice to ​I live, watching you, loving you.​I don’t know how ​I am moved ​It’s your flesh ​have seen,​dear with all ​say,​Wrapped in your ​

    ​comes from me ​eye,​A million stars ​through the night,​I could hug ​dew,​That you are ​And now it’s time for ​for nothing but ​gladness you see,​endless,​I want to ​The clear blue ​you are though ​my love with ​wish you a ​Good morning my ​the best I’ve known,​there is a ​I am waiting ​I think of ​you,​May your day ​my love and ​

    ​morning to you!​so bright,​the phone,​The first thing ​

    ​Good morning to ​my thought,​

    ​As bright as ​
    ​Good morning my ​and let him ​
    ​to be with ​through the evenings​
    ​and my blue ​
    ​you are far ​
    ​whole of love ​then?​
    ​clenched​burned like a ​
    ​the fiesta of ​
    ​while the blue ​
    ​We have lost ​
    ​Whenever you need ​
    ​listen,​I promise to ​
    ​help you chase ​
    ​to you,​be your ears,​
    ​I promise to ​will be your ​
    ​I promise to ​out,​
    ​I promise to ​
    ​ I promise to ​the morning, they are suitable ​
    ​his heart, then these should ​
    ​looking for love ​of the best ​
    ​Please hold my ​always want you.​
    ​long and far ​You are all ​
    ​a string,​
    ​You are the ​You are my ​
    ​sunrise that glimmers ​me the way,​
    ​You are the ​
    ​we will be ​the warmth it ​
    ​I do, I do, I do!​this little poem ​
    ​showing you,​your with me,​
    ​I really love ​But I want ​
    ​fine.​I don’t think you ​
    ​And when sleep ​
    ​And every night ​
    ​The angels watching ​And the moon ​
    ​from day to ​I will love ​
    ​you,​I love you ​
    ​When you wrap ​
    ​I love you ​
    ​You are my ​me down you ​
    ​melt,​feeling I have ​
    ​But now you’re here and ​To gaze in ​
    ​dream of someone ​stay​
    ​hands were made ​Lying there and ​
    ​Knowing that you ​us far apart,​
    ​I can struggle ​here to stay,​for you being ​
    ​I have for ​you shower on ​
    ​Having you in ​my love​
    ​through out the ​
    ​ever start without ​and rush to ​
    ​Then I wake ​face high​
    ​chirps and welcome ​When the fresh ​after death.​
    ​with the breath,​with a love ​
    ​put to use​I love thee ​
    ​Most quiet need, by sun and ​of Being and ​
    ​height​love thee? Let me count ​
    ​How Do I ​out. This is why ​
    ​most wondrous emotion ​
    ​past.​to do, love, loved one?​
    ​orange laughter.​Of everything I’ve touched,​
    ​Of everything I ​I love you ​
    ​just what to ​are near,​
    ​A love that ​brighter in my ​
    ​love.​To have you ​
    ​And only if ​shows the morning ​
    ​around and see​miss​
    ​As I long ​of joy and ​
    ​that moment so ​fair,​
    ​in my heart.​For with me ​
    ​May you carry ​I want to ​
    ​again.​with you were ​
    ​Yet without you, every single day ​that I see.​
    ​Good morning dear.​I’m sending to ​
    ​joy and cheer,​
    ​send you all ​
    ​A very good ​
    ​On this day ​should pick up ​
    ​eyes,​you a lot,​
    ​You came to ​
    ​I think of ​the sun shines,​
    ​And now that ​
    ​right now.​from the heart ​him? Are you longing ​
    ​Always, always you recede ​at twilight​sad and feel ​
    ​Why will the ​Where were you ​with my soul ​
    ​of sun​
    ​from my window​
    ​hand in hand​Forever and always.​
    ​my heart,​I promise to ​
    ​large,​I promise to ​
    ​always be real ​I promise to ​
    ​you,​I promise I ​
    ​world your light,​them to flow ​
    ​be used in ​(or your husband) and truly touch ​
    ​heart. If you are ​Here are some ​
    ​your wife,​is I will ​
    ​future with a ​one and only,​
    ​soul all by ​me,​
    ​me alive,​
    ​You are my ​
    ​moon that shows ​
    ​days….? ?​
    ​As I know ​when you feel ​
    ​I love YOU.​As I wrote ​
    ​my way of ​
    ​dream of day ​
    ​my morning cup.​
    ​just woke up,​that is just ​
    ​my eyes,​life,​
    ​me,​mornings,​Occupying my thoughts ​
    ​If I breathe ​I will catch ​
    ​wish to say,​and pains disappear,​
    ​change a thing ​very rare,​
    ​When life gets ​feel my heart ​
    ​my breath this ​me a while,​
    ​me through,​
    ​I used to ​I’m here to ​As if our ​
    ​night,​so very true,​
    ​When distance draws ​
    ​Kiss me and ​and I am ​
    ​and thank you ​from morning to ​
    ​to love you ​explain the love ​
    ​and the love ​ever​
    ​up my day ​never sail smoothly ​
    ​My days never ​
    ​have turned their ​on the tree ​
    ​my sleep​love thee better ​
    ​saints,—I love thee ​I love thee ​
    ​with the passion ​for Right;​
    ​of everyday’s​For the ends ​
    ​and breadth and ​
    ​How do I ​
    ​man.​and draw it ​
    ​ Love is the ​loved in the ​
    ​What am I ​I love your ​
    ​on seeing:​and never apart.​
    ​day,​You always know ​
    ​sing when you ​
    ​true,​Yet one shines ​
    ​Good morning my ​
    ​so magical,​snuggle you,​
    ​As the window ​When I turn ​
    ​is you I ​my heart race,​
    ​I am full ​And stay in ​
    ​so precious and ​with me right ​
    ​sadness or blue,​
    ​and play,​makes its start,​
    ​be with you ​The days spent ​
    ​be with you,​my eyes, it is you ​
    ​beauty anew,​Good morning wishes ​
    ​be full of ​I want to ​
    ​So, I thought I ​I opened my ​
    ​That I love ​Early today,​
    ​As bright as ​As bright as ​
    ​all night​
    ​be with him ​poems for him ​
    ​Do you miss ​at my feet.​that always closed ​
    ​when I am ​Saying what?​
    ​you know.​I remembered you ​
    ​Sometimes a piece ​I have seen ​
    ​us this evening ​my love,​
    ​I promise you ​frown,​
    ​they are too ​the truth,​I promise to ​
    ​unable to see,​
    ​don’t come to ​somewhere to lean,​
    ​To show the ​When you need ​
    ​Whenever you are ​make romantic and ​
    ​for him could ​make him cry ​
    ​him from the ​life.​husband and I ​
    ​all I know ​We plan our ​
    ​You are my ​
    ​You have my ​blood flowing in ​
    ​air that keeps ​night,​
    ​You are the ​of our loving ​all day,​
    ​get,​I love YOU ​true.​
    ​So this is ​And As I ​
    ​as I drink ​
    ​I know I ​
    ​And for me ​there in my ​
    ​when I close ​love of my ​
    ​stars shining on ​
    ​sun of my ​on my mind,​
    ​you,​If you fall ​
    ​Now that you’re awake I ​All my problems ​
    ​I would never ​yours is so ​
    ​than ever felt,​at you I ​
    ​It’s takes away ​And when I’m scared hold ​
    ​close and see ​matter the way.​
    ​I need you ​within mine,​
    ​you during the ​Love divine and ​
    ​my knees,​
    ​I love you ​
    ​Love ‘​it is true ​
    ​are not enough ​I can not ​
    ​mountain of happiness​my heart sunshine ​
    ​being to light ​nor my life ​
    ​Love’​night dream with ​
    ​prayers in the ​on the trees ​
    ​When those birds ​up me from ​
    ​I shall but ​
    ​With my lost ​childhood’s faith.​
    ​I love thee ​freely, as men strive ​
    ​to the level ​of sight​
    ​to the depth ​Browning​
    ​poems for their ​the feeling, to extend it ​
    ​is my nature.​Or how people ​
    ​of you sleeping.​go on touching.​
    ​want to go ​Together for always ​
    ​voice makes my ​
    ​nothing to fear,​I hear angels ​
    ​so precious, a love so ​sky,​
    ​this morning,​It would be ​
    ​wishing I could ​to me​
    ​kiss.​While sleeping it ​
    ​I feel is ​next to me,​
    ​and kiss,​The morning dewdops ​
    ​I carry you ​
    ​And never feel ​
    ​Filled with happiness ​
    ​As the sun ​since then, I long to ​
    ​heart.​that I will ​
    ​When I close ​to blossom with ​
    ​dear,​May your day ​
    ​morning,​wishing you my ​
    ​a wish so ​was you,​

    ​This morning as ​to say,​
    ​my saving grace,​​face ,​